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How to Behave at a Casino Table-Common Courtesy

In this guide, get ready to learn all the casino courtesy that will keep you on the right side anytime you walk to a casino table. Let’s dive in right away:

As we all know, every casino player has been a newbie to the casino table the first time they wanted to play or watch a game at a table. What most casino experts and newbies miss is what to do when it comes to manners.

When it comes to common casino table courtesy, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional player or a beginner, the rules apply to both. The idea here is simple: Avoid being the one player who upsets other players as well as cramp the whole gaming mood.

 It is also wise to understand that when it comes to casino table manners, most casinos are usually invented as means of entertainment to people. Still, there is money involved in it, and in some casinos, tables handle colossal amounts of money you don’t want to misbehave about. These reasons and many others are precisely why casino Common Courtesy was invented.

Let’s take a look at the general casino courtesies before looking at the different casino tables and all the courtesies for each:

The General Casino rules and courtesies

As a casino player or Spectator, you’re going to enjoy your casino experience knowing the general casino courtesies before knowing the specific manners at a particular casino table. Here are all the general courtesies you need to know:

Be gentle, polite, and greet everyone you meet at the casino

As a rule of thumb, your politeness and gentleness with a manner of greeting others is the first courtesy to take to a casino table and game. The idea here is simple: You’re the one joining others, and so, you’ll need to know how they are doing.

To make yourself everyone’s best teammate, practice a typical “hello” which is always welcomed plus, don’t be rude to anyone who might not respond to your greeting. Here are The Benefits of Casino Customer Service and the questions you can ask.

Keep your money to yourself

Most players think showing off their money makes them look professionals or wealthy because of their continuous winning, well, this doesn’t apply in the casino world. Once you’ve walked into a casino table, learn to keep your money to yourself.

Additionally, it is wise to note that most casinos are installed with very high-security cameras; thus, misbehaving risks you from disqualification. The other thing about handling your money at casinos is not giving it to the dealers, here is why:

Casino dealers are specially trained not to handle players’ money but address the table in a way that games go in order and to check if the casino cameras capture how the game is going on. Giving a dealer your money will therefore break the games’ routine and lead to players making mistakes.

Avoid leaving your sit continuously

Yes, you read that right. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional casino player, don’t always leave your seat for no reason. If you need anything, water or any drink, there are service caregivers around for that work.  This rule is put across to avoid distractions around the game.

Avoid your phone as you can

Because of the casino’s security courtesies, your phone is highly recommended to stay away from distractions. If you can, keep your phone in a silent mode, take calls away from the table or, make sure it is entirely off to avoid movement distraction around.

Place your bets without hesitation

This may sound awkward, but when at the casino table, hesitating to place a bet calls for attention from others that you may be up to something. Waiting to place a bet also makes other players irritated and may not want to play with you next time. 

Well, because every casino table has its courtesy regulations, let’s take a look at specific tables starting with the famous Roulette:

Roulette casino table’s courtesy

If you’re new to the casino world and you’re not sure which table suits you, Roulette is an excellent choice to start with, but because of its fame and love from many players, avoid the a busy roulette always. Here’s Roulette table’s courtesy to keep in mind:

  • Upon joining the table, ask for chips because Roulette comes with unique chips that aren’t always used in other casino games.
  • While at a roulette table, place your bet in a neat pile. If you don’t know how to do that, ask your dealer for assistance.
  • If you’ve played enough and want to quit, make sure you cash out your roulette chips.


Another table casino you’re supposed to watch out for its table manners is Craps.

Craps is a highly energetic casino game, and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself engaging in talking and socializing with others around. To avoid breaking rules, here’s how to behave when playing craps:

Know how much you’re planning to buy before starting your game. Place your bets in time.

Avoid overthrowing dices. The manner in craps is throwing dices and allowing them to touch the other sides of the table wall. Another important courtesy in craps is keeping your hands away from the box when dices are in motion.


If you choose a poker casino table, here is how you should behave: Stay focused on your game. Avoid talking when a game is in play. In Case you are in Vegas and want to play Poker, here are the 5 best Poker tournaments in Vegas.


If your casino enthusiasm lies in the world’s most casino games, try blackjack, and you won’t be disappointed. The game’s fame skyrocketed when it started getting featured in famous movies. See How Blackjack’s Bet Insurance Work

To keep blackjack’s manners, here is what you need to do:

  • Get permission before joining a table.
  • Learn all the gesture signs of the game to avoid using the wrong signs while playing.
  • Don’t touch your cards on the table.