Hotels in Vegas

10 worst hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts many tourists because of it booming gambling industry. There are many best games which can be played in Las Vegas. The city hosts thousands of people from across the world, since it is one of the most Attractive Gambling destination around the globe. There are numerous strips and countless casinos that offer the best experiences you’ll ever come across.

Accompanying all these are luxurious hotels though a bit expensive. After all, there is a lot of demand for them. However, some hotels don’t offer great services. They may make you change your mind about reusing their sub-standard services.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 worst hotels in Las Vegas that may not be as appealing. Cross them off your list if you are planning to visit the vibrant city.

 Diamond Resorts Intl

This hotel doesn’t dazzle as the name may suggest. Going through the reviews of the hotel leaves you with a distasteful taste since most customers describe them as, ‘thieves,’ ‘liars,’ and ‘crooks.’ From these descriptions, it is obvious the customers did not enjoy their stay at the hotel. They even advice other tourists to steer away from this resort as it may ruin their fun in Vegas.

  Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Flamingo makes this list as the worst hotel in Las Vegas because of their poor customer service. Most reviewers’ complain of having to wait for long just to check-in, or get any assistance. You’ll be disgusted by it, even before you finally settled in your room. The other complaints are about their bathrooms, which seem to have one problem after the other. Leaks are common, and the hotel doesn’t observe high standards of hygiene, with reports of stains all over the place.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana is one of the oldest hotels and falls off the radar due to its out of date services. Honestly, it needs a complete makeover or at least some renovation. Customers complain of walls that are peeling off, and overall low maintenance.

Imperial Palace

Sometimes back, Imperial Palace used to be one of the most talked-about hoteliers in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case anymore as it seems the hotel is physically falling apart. Its age is beginning to show. Rather than tasting waters with this old building in the form of a hotel, why not try something newer that offers modern services such as Wi-Fi, excellent customer service, clean, comfortable bedding, and one that’s neighboring great casinos and restaurants.


One of the worst hotels in Vegas is Excalibur and has tons of negative comments from its customers. It doesn’t offer anything extraordinary that may grab your attention. Also, there have been complaints of staff stealing money from tourists. The building isn’t as secure as it looks like. Another thing that may put you off is general poor hotel services, such as low-quality bed sheets, noise, and not maintaining the rooms properly. Who would want to stay in such a place?


Luxor hotel adopts the name of an Egyptian city where the Great Pyramids are located. However, it does not live up to the standards, unlike the original city that attracts thousands of visitors yearly. Luxor falls short because of its poor interior design that consists of long hallways. They also don’t observe high standards of hygiene and many customers find this unattractive. Least to say it isn’t a luxurious hotel. Despite the high temperatures experienced in Nevada, this hotel doesn’t have a cooling system, and its electronics are not up-to-date. Luxor is a complete letdown considering the exterior is so beautiful.


The only reason Westgate makes this list is because of where it’s located. It’s surrounded by many elevated motorways and thus does not provide a great experience. There aren’t any casinos nearby. You will end up missing out on the exciting gaming experiences since you can’t rely on Westgate’s casino. Their restaurants don’t offer any unique foods. Its high price tag makes it a no-go zone and isn’t worth your penny.

City Center Motel

Most of the complaints about this hotel is the loud noise coming from a nearby nightclub all through the night. Your sleep will be cut short and you wouldn’t like that feeling of being unable to do anything about it. Secondly, since it’s an old hotel, the interior is not that appealing, and you may lose your way around. Reviewers also had a lot to say about old, torn worn sheets and towels.

On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel

When looking for a good hotel, you must also consider its immediate surroundings. Hotels are supposed to offer you some peace of mind: A place to relax and cool off. However, that’s the opposite of what you’ll get at some hotels, especially those that neighbour overly loud nightclubs or main roads. An example is the On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel, which is next to a busy porn shop. Some customers have written negative reviews about the hotel citing lack of cleanliness and the presence of bed bugs at the hotel. In case you want to attend any the best Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas, try to avoid this hotel ,.

Caesar’s Palace

Like other hotels in this list, Caesar’s Palace falls short due to reports of lack of professional customer service and not so great living conditions. It’s a grand hotel, and you may have to walk some minutes to get to the swimming pool, entrance, etc.

Las Vegas is the city of lights known for offering the best entertainment. Do not ruin your overall experience by selecting the worst hotel in Vegas. From the above, it’s clear some hostels offer distasteful services that may make you want to leave the city as fast as you came. Make the right decision by avoiding such hotels, and only go for the ones that will improve your gaming experience and stay throughout your entire visit.