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Casinos Built in extremely weird places

For many years, gambling has become one of the significant means of entertainment and investment for many. As a gambling enthusiast, do you know there are casinos built-in extremely weird places?

Let’s take a look:

The Illinois Casino built on a Puddle

First off the gates, for those who don’t know what a puddle is, it is an accumulation of fluid- mostly water on a surface. As you can imagine, a puddle is water that forms a depression on the surface. To be called a puddle, the water surface should be shallow enough for people to walk through, but surprisingly, the Illinois Casino is built at a place like this. Here’s how it all started and why this casino was built on a puddle:

Because most fields struggle to fit in the world of creativity and innovation, the Illinois casino owner didn’t want to be left out. The most intriguing thing about this casino is that where it is located- Des plaines, the state’s laws demand that only river casinos are legalized and licensed.

When the owner saw that he didn’t have a place to build his casino, he thought of creativity and playing the law officials as well, and that’s when the Illinois casino was born. Making his casino on a water surface, the owner was able to come up with a land-based or river-like casino, which helped him abide by the law at the same time. See some of the Best Online Casinos with Excellent User Experience

Australia’s’ Desert cave hotel Casino

If you speak about a remote casino, think of the most isolated casino in the world, and you’ll be right to think about the Desert Cave hotel-casino in Australia. The weirdest and intriguing thing about this casino is that poker players play with only sixteen poker machines installed underneath a desert!

The famous casino Di Venezia in Italy

Before diving deep into this famous Italian casino, here’s something you should know about Italy when it comes to casinos. For die-hard casino players and enthusiasts, it is common knowledge that Italy is one of the countries around the globe that is known as the birthplace of civilianization in casinos and a home of the world’s oldest casino in history.

As if that isn’t enough, Italy’s city of Venice casinos records their birth from the late 1630’s. Well, if you ever go to Italy or you’re a resident there, there is one famous casino specifically, the Di Venezia that has risen eye-brows about its locality.

 Here’s what you didn’t know: This casino is built in one of the oldest places in the world but still offers the most exceptional casino entertainment and has remained famous since 16430, beating others that were opened during civilization days and ended up getting closed!

The Amsterdam Holland airport Casino

Well, most people think an airport is just another busy place where people gather traveling and nothing else. This was true until somebody decided to install a casino in one of the busiest airports globally- The Holland Amsterdam Airport. 

The casino here was built for one weird reason most people didn’t think it was worth it until the casino came to place: To help casino enthusiasts relax in the event of a delayed or canceled flight. As simple as that sounds, Holland Amsterdam casino made it into the list of casinos extremely built in weird places by famous writings, and you wouldn’t want to miss it in this list too, would you?

The Malaysian Mountain Built Casino- Resorts World Genting Pahang Casino

For most people, mountains are for mountain climbers and lovers of skiing. This was true until one of the famous casino enthusiasts decided to bring the casino experience to another level.

Being one of the world’s casino famous brands, Resorts Worlds by Genting has millions of online casino players worldwide. The Pahang Casino is magnificently nestled on the beautiful mountains of Pahang in Malaysia. 

Players who have visited it describe the casino as one of the few places around the world where one not only enjoys casino games but a mixture of mountainous experience that, when mixed with your casino enthusiasm,  playing casinos wouldn’t have been sweeter before than this.

The Nevada X-train Casino in Las Vegas-Us

Okay, when it comes to casinos built in extremely weird places, this one took it to another level few people could even imagine. This is because the X-train casino in Las Vegas is built in a Train. What’s intriguing about this casino is its place and the amount of money invested in building it.Despite the weird place the casino is built in,here are 5 Best Tournaments to play in Vegas

The Virtual reality Casino

This is built in a peculiar place because once you start playing; you will enjoy the thrill of playing real-money games without moving from your home.

The casino is built with great innovation, which enables its participants to visit different places without having to go out of their houses. The idea here is simple:  the casino helps you play games at home and visits your favorite places inside the games at no cost.

The Macau Palace Casino

If you were surprised by the casino that is built on a water puddle, here’s one that is actually built on the sea waters.

Macau casino is famously known as the Pirate boat casino because it is situated in the renowned Fisherman’s Wharf area. Most people didn’t know about this casino until it was featured in one of the famous James Bond movies- the man with the golden gun in 1974.

The Las Vegas Haunted Casino

Alright, this one isn’t for the fearful and faint-hearted.  This casino is situated in an area that is usually connected and visited by the dead.

Yes, you read that right. This might not be true, but it’s what people around that place say. The casino is said to have been haunted by invisible creatures not to forget mysterious things that have happed inside. Here’s one incident most players recall:

Many gamblers report of having seen ghosts, spirits, and cards moving by themselves around or players possessed by a spirit that causes a lack of sleep, thus making them play casinos throughout nights.

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