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6 Animals Believed to Bring Good Luck.

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As we all know, it is common knowledge that when someone speaks about “Good luck,” one is either wishing you luck or hoping for something good out of something.

Well, after sifting through from affirmation experts to true believers of nature, one thing is for sure- luck isn’t a scam but something you can experience in real life and with that said, here are six animals believed to bring luck you’ll want to know:

Let’s dive right in:


First, on our list are the typical home kept animals- rabbits. Too many people and cultures, rabbits are known to symbolize prosperity and fertility, and in some parts around the globe, especially areas of the Northern European countries, white rabbits are always offered to relatives with the hope they’ll help them live long and successful lives.

Even better, if you hear from the western cultures, especially guys from places like North America and Britain, it is customary for you to shout “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” first thing you wake up every morning if you’re genuinely interested in living a life full of luck days and luck charms in all your daily events.

Another thing you’ll note about rabbits is that they’re believed to bring good luck. Rabbits’ feet are used as an amulet that is tremendously thought by many to bring good luck of immeasurable amounts in life.

If rabbits sound to be the animals you’d like to embrace for your good luck in life, we can’t really offer you one, but here’s a place you can visit for your rabbit’s good luck charm: White Rabbit slot.


Next up in our list is the fantastic Goldfish you’re probably aware of. When most people hear about Goldfish, they think about short memory, which is always believed about this fish.

Well, that was true until people discovered Goldfish is also related to bringing good luck, especially about fertility and entirely life prosperity.

In other cultures, Goldfish is their to-go animal that brings good luck in marriages and relationships.  This is a common belief in places like –Ancient Greek.

Additionally, Goldfish is one of Buddha’s most famous symbols that are believed to bring good luck and charm around the world. Those who genuinely believe this come from Southern Europe.

For the Slavic people, if you want good luck to come to you three times consecutively, you’ll have to say “Goldfish, goldfish and goldfish”-three times, and you’ll be ready to receive your good luck. Here are 15 inspirational quotes for casino players


Okay, before you skip this, hear me out:

Frogs are considered lucky animals for specific reasons. First, frogs bring good luck when you think of their ability to bring rains.

Because of frogs, rain comes, and we all know once there is rain- we enjoy crops, and people no longer cry from hunger, thus making life, not just comfortable but full of happiness.

If you’re looking to find symbols of frogs kept as animals that bring good luck, you’ll find them in places like Japan and China. In fact, one of the most successful copywriters around the globe- Dan Lok, a Japanese business guru, and copywriter, is believed to keep frogs at his office for their good luck charm.

Apart from their excellent luck in rain and crops, frogs are associated with bringing good luck in traveling and fertility matters. Here’s how it is done and believed in China, for instance:

If you’re about to travel, you’ll make it better for yourself if you’d start your journey by going past a place you’re sure to meet frogs and for those getting married, go to the rivers and an area you’ll meet frogs and play with them. By doing this, it is believed you’ll be planting seeds of good luck in your journey or marriage!


Now, here’s another famous lucky animal you may want to know -the elephant.

In various places, cultures, and religions such as the Buddhism in India and other Arabic cultures, an elephant is an animal that is highly cared for and trusted to be of importance as much as good luck is concerned.

Those who believe elephants bring good luck usually place elephant statues and figurines inside their houses, especially kitchens. Elephants are found to bring good luck in house fortunes, protection, fertility, and love to families.


If you thought cats are only kept to scare rodents, you thought wrong.

Cats also join our list of animals that are believed to bring good luck because they are signs of good happenings to many cultures around the globe, such as the Japanese.

Japanese believe in their famous white cats, commonly known as the maneki-neko that is considered to bring a lucky charm to its owner. 

In German, if a cat crosses your way left-right and left-right, you’re going to be the luckiest person of the day there. In fact, Germans don’t believe in some of the black-thoughts most people have about cats! Wondering when is the best time to play Slots Machines at a casino, here is a guide’

Beetles and Bugs

You’ve definitely heard about Beetles and Bugs luck charm, right? If you have not, here’s what you need to know:

If you go to places like Egypt, you will be surprised to meet lots of amulets made in the shape of Beetles that are extremely popular and obeyed. Here’s why:

These amulets are believed to bring good luck in protecting the owner’s heart, which is considered to make you a good person, thus receive the best of things from your gods and nature.

Apart from the beetles, the other animal in the same kingdom that is believed to bring good luck is the bug. There is a specific type of bug that is thought to bring good luck in this-the ladybug.

Well, the ladybug is believed to bring good luck in different places, but one of the places it is highly thought is in Europe.

Another place that believes in the ladybug is Russia and Serbia. For instance, in Russia, if a ladybug lands on you, you’re supposed to make a quick wish before it flies away. Luck is very essential when it comes to gambling and it is very important to identify which and when is the best time for it.