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Why It’s Useful to Have Multipliers in Online Slots

The main objective of gambling is to gain as much payouts as possible. One feature that can help increase earnings numerous times is the multiplier. They can range from x2 to x1000 or even more. Any player that wishes to get the biggest win potential can achieve it with multipliers. That’s why gaming fanatics love slots that offer this feature because it is exciting to play. Other than the different sizes, you also need to know the various types of multipliers and how each of them is useful in online slots. Slots are used worldwide and some are common to the extent of being the most famous slots in the world. Below is a detailed guide to help you understand them better.

How do multipliers work?

Multipliers increase wins by multiplying payline wins and overal wins by a certain ratio. For instance, a x10 multiplier will increase your profits ten times.

They are in form of symbols that change the elements of the game whenever they appear. When playing the normal base game or a base game, the appearance of these symbols will determine which lines will be multiplied a number of times. It all depends on the value of the multiplier, which is then multiplied by the bonus win thereby increasing the total win. When is the best time to play Slots at a casino machine?

Types of slot multipliers

Software developers have come up with different types of multipliers whose value depends on how frequent they multiplier symbols will appear.

Expect lower valued multipliers when playing the base game because it’s easy to trigger them. Multipliers that are harder to trigger are larger multipliers. You may come across them while playing a bonus game or when you trigger specific symbol combinations.

Base Play Multipliers

This feature is not common in many slots, but players are given a chance to unlock it. When playing a game that has this feature, pay attention to the payline value. To calculate your actual winnings, multiply your payline value by the mulitplier you’ve unlocked. Here’s an example; if playing on a machine that has a x2 multplier, check the value of the symbol and multiply it by three. That will be your payout.

Bonus game multipliers

It was a common feature in previous slot version. To understand better how they work, take a look at games such as Play tech Great Blue slot and Thunderstruck slot.When it’s triggered, you’ll get a certain amount of free spins with a multiplier on every win.

More advanced slots, such as Game of Thrones slot provide multiplier options once a player starts the free spins round. The more the number of spins the less the multiplier, and vice versa. It’s up to you to choose how risky of a game you want to play. (the volatility)

Multiplying wilds

In normal circumstances, wilds usually substitute regular symbols to form a winning conbination. Wilds can also act as multipliers when they appear on a winning combination. An example of  agame with this feature is Microgaming’s slot, Supe it Up. One wild signifies a win in which the value depends on the multipler on the paytable.

Scatter multipliers

Some slots offer scatter symbols that can also act as multipliers. Whenever they appear on the reel, they activate the multiplier feature. In this case, you don’t need a combination of scatters on a payline to create a win. As long as one of them appears, it’s value will be multiplied by the slot’s multiplier rate and give you a higher payout value.

Free spins multipliers

These are the most generous type and come in diferent styles. Some slots have a predetermined value for the free spin multipliers. This feature differentiates the base game and the free spins round. How to Use Online Casino Filters to Find Your Favourite Online Slots

Random multipliers

They are easy to find. Whether playing a bonus game or a base game, a random multiplier may appear and will be added to your win. With every spin, you may get a potential multiplier. Random multipliers are common in games such as Hot Safari slot, Arcane Reel Chaos, and Subtopia.

Increasing multipliers (avalanche)

Slot machines that have the avalanche feature make symbols to explode then refill these spaces with other symbols at no extra charge. It forms a chain reaction whenever this happens consecutively. Every win is valuable because slots it triggers an additional multiplier. Examples of games that feature avalanche reels are Gonzo’s Quest and Energoonz.

Why you should consider playing slots with multipliers.

The multiplier feature has attracts many players because it is not only entertaining, but also increases your bankroll. You’ll always anticipate a big win anytime you spin because there is a chance for doubling earnings.

Advantages of multipliers

  • Multipliers add a thrill to the game
  • Wild multipliers make base games entertaining.
  • Makes paytable more worthy
  • Increases volatility of a game

Disadvantages of multipliers

  • It becomes worthless if multipliers can’t be trigered easily
  • It is frusrating to play an avalanche reel slot thatdoesn’t reveal any multipliers

Although multipliers hike your bankroll, you can’t assertain 100% that you’ll activate free spins and multiply your payouts. Keep i mind the rules of the game and the chances available before commiting to it fully.

Top 10 slots with multipliers

Some of the best slot multipliers include;
  • The Mask slot game
  • Cleopatra II slot
  • Pixies of the Forest 2
  • Dead or Alive 2
  • Viking Runecraft grid slot
  • The Final countdown slot
  • Isis slot
  • 50,000 Pyramid Game slot
  • Dolphin Tale
  • Dungeons and Dragons slot

Overall, the multiplier feature is an added advantage because through them, your total earnings will be much more than what you’d have ordinarily received. For a chance to use this exciting feature, identify slots that have it, by checking the payable. Some games predetermine how much wins a player can get, but this doesn’t apply to multipliers. If it’s your lucky day, your profits will be doubled, tripled, or even multiplied by 10. This feature has a lot to offer. Take note of the different types of multipliers available in casinos.  You can try it out and see how it works. The slots also have Pay out slots with the highest RTP (Return to player)