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8 Attractive Gambling Destinations around the Globe

Gambling has currently become one of the essential sources of entertainment and investment for many. Suppose you’re either a gambling expert or beginner. In that case, you’ll agree that playing at an attractive gambling destination isn’t just for your gambling enjoyment but also for enjoying full-life at large.

Well, here are the eight attractive gambling destinations around the globe you’ll want to know and go if you can afford:

Las Vegas –Nevada

In simple put and without doubt, Las Vegas is a no-brainer for gamblers. As we all know, Vegas is one of the world’s most famous and liked gambling hotspot that is known to own over seventy casinos.

If you’re a gambler in Las Vegas, visit one of the famous gambling places leading as the hotspot among the many casinos around- The Strip club.

When gambling in Vegas, you don’t need to worry about how much amount you’re looking to win. The rule is simple here: Place as much as money as you want to gamble with and you’ll get opponents looking to place larger bets than yours.

If you’re genuinely experienced and want to walk always with a colossal gambling amount, start with Vegas as one of your attractive gambling destinations, and you won’t regret it. In case you are visiting Vegas ,here are 10 worst hotels you might want to avoid.

Macau, China

Another place you’ll want to try your gambling experience is Macau in China. To most experienced gamblers, you already know that Macau is almost taking the title of the attractive gambling destination around the globe from Las Vegas- even it not right now; with time, this is going to be true.

Macau is the only place in China where permits are given to gambling dealers and casinos, and since Chinese love to gamble, businesses in the gambling world are booming around this cty.

Still, Macau is one of the attractive gambling destinations with the largest casino floor around the globe- the famous Venetian Casino, which consists of 376,000 square feet of gambling areas and over six thousand gambling tables and many slot machines for anyone willing to dive into gambling. The Seven most popular games in Asia.

New Jersey

When you speak about attractive gambling destinations around the world, New Jersey is sure not going to be a surprised to hear. Known as the world’s garden state of gambling, New Jersey has been hosting experienced gamblers for decades, which is why you’d want to taste the feel of playing at such a place.

In 2015, New Jersey’s Atlantic City got named the best gambling destination around the globe.  During this time, Atlantic City had beaten big cities such as Monte Carlo and Vegas to walk away with the title. This should precisely tell you why New Jersey is a gambling destination you’d want to g

Even better, New Jersey’s resort city located on the Atlantic City coast boast of having the best and many casinos offering plenty of games to its players.

Again, New Jersey is one of the attractive gambling destinations that have a considerable record of states with legalized gambling. While gambling here, be ready to enjoy both online and casino –based games that are authorized.

Reno, Nevada

Reno makes Las Vegas appear twice in this list apart from mentioning Nevada earlier. Located in Nevada’s northern side, Reno has recorded its record of being one of the most attractive and successful gambling destinations the world has seen.

Reno boasts of having world’s classic casinos such as the Eldorado and Peppermill, which are worth enjoying your gambling experience. Reno also has many gambling events to choose from; you can enjoy games like Blackjack and other excellent games like the state-of-the-art screen games.

London, England

If you go or live in England, you’re going to be told London is a gambler’s paradise to many players and gambling fans. London offers gamblers a chance to bet on famous games such as the NFL and NBA games that are filled in a sportbook; everyone can select their favorite.

The city is also known to have hosted many stars like actors and singers who played and enjoyed casinos around. Once you play at such places, be ready to feel motivated and continue horning your gambling skills, which is what most people need to master their gambling art.


Even though Singapore is new to the world of casinos, you’ll enjoy gambling here for several reasons. Gamblers in Singapore enjoy luxurious casino resorts that are named among the best gambling sites around the world, such as Marina Bay sands, and still, there are over hundreds of table casinos around for you.

If you enjoy table casinos, you won’t like to miss playing and enjoying your gambling experience in Singapore.


Well, if you’d like to gamble at a place with all the best casinos and enjoyments like sandy beaches and aqua waters, Aruba is going to be your to-go attractive gambling destination.

Aruba is known to have 24/7 casino games you can enjoy throughout.  One of the best casinos known from Aruba is the Crystal Casino and others following its fame like Casablanca and Copacabana.

To most gamblers, an attractive gambling destination should offer excellent games and a mixture of enjoyment; this is precisely what you’ll experience if you choose to play at Aruba casinos.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

When you think of Monte Carlo, gambling images of famous gamblers and stars like James Bond comes to mind. Monaco is not as renowned as Vegas, but if you’re a real expert and lover of gambling places, you’ll notice the good this city can offer when it comes to enjoying your gambling enthusiasm.

Monaco is one of the best places to gamble in Europe and does always have something to offer to any level of gambler. You can enjoy the cent minimum bets if you play at the Bay Casino to the higher–stake games around places such as the Monte-Carlo de casino.

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When Is The Best Time To Play Slot Machines At A Casino

For some people, slots are what you do at a casino when you need to win instant cash. Well, it is pretty simple – make your deposit, select pay lines then hit spin. By and large, casino players have been made to believe that they have no control over the outcome of a slot game. Is it true that random number generators (RNGs) are the only forces at play at online slots? While there are many theories out there about how to win at slots, experts are still pondering on this issue. Some theories have been proven to be correct by many a player; the probability of a win decreases with increase in number of players; you are likely to win a slot game that has a high Return to Player Percentage. Before we explore some of the strategies people have used to win at slot, it is important to mention that the volatility of a slot machine game determines how often or not one is likely to win. Expect more wins at a high volatility slot and vice versa when a slot is of low volatility.

If you are playing the slots purely for the win, you might want to consider games that offer free spins and bonus rounds. Some people gamble to clear their mind of everyday life stresses. Depending on your motivation to bet, here are a few pointers to enhance your experience.

How many people are playing slots at a casino?

While jackpots are won randomly, the fact of the matter is that the number of people playing at any given time might have an influence on how soon this happens. There is no way to influence who wins but reaching a win happens faster when many of you are aiming for the same thing. Off course there are those who would rather be alone at a casino so as to be able to choose any slot machine they want. If you are playing online, it is definitely better to run with the pack. Online Slots have multipliers which are very useful to the player, in case you want to play slots, it is also very important to check on the multipliers

How much money do you have?

There is really not much thought that goes into answering this question yet this is the most important aspect of gambling yet. Have you ever heard the phrase, “only lend what you can afford to lose?” it is the same with playing at the slots. Naturally, the budgetary requirements for jackpots vary from one casino to the other and between various slots. Did you know that there was a slot game that costs players $5,000 per spin?  In essence, the more you stake, the more you are likely to lose.

How large is the jackpot?

Ideally, the longer a jackpot remains unwon, the bigger it gets. For most slots that have a progressive jackpot, the chance for the big win is presented to players at every spin. Every bet made on such slots increases the jackpot. If a jackpot has not been won for a while, it could just be your hand that wins it. Since jackpots reset after a win, a fresh jackpot might be hard to achieve. This argument for some people leaves out the impact of odds not to mention the fact that no one really knows how they work in jackpots.

Are you feeling lucky?

Superstitions go a long way in bringing luck our way – you are likely to get an easy pass at what you want if you have already had a string of good luck. Since the outcome of any spin at a slot machine is purely random, luck is quite important. On that day when you are feeling like all that you encounter goes your way, consider playing at the slots. You will not have any undue advantage over other players but good fortune will be at play in your corner. In the same way that felling lucky could bring you instant wealth at the slots, feeling unlucky will not only drain your pockets but multiply your bad moods. Do you think that trying to change your luck at the slots is a good idea? Spin away! There are lucky days for one to Gamble and one can actually determine it for themselves depending on how they feel .

What time is it?

Does playing at the casino at a certain time of the day increase your luck? By now, it is clear that slot machine games are regulated by RNGs. This basically means that the time of day or night you choose to play will not affect the outcome. With slots, you can spend hours spinning and win nothing yet another who tries their luck for the first time, wins big. If you are a fan of the slots, enjoy the game more than you anticipate the wins. Online slots are open for long hours; majority can be played 24/7. If you are financially comfortable with spending at the slots, are feeling a bit lucky or you want to pass time at a slot machine game, there is the perfect time. When is the best time to play Slots Machines at a Casino?


It is not going to be fair to give you all the information about when it is good to play and not have pointers for when to stay away. Gamblers are the most superstitious people you will ever come across and most will use every opportunity as an excuse to place a bet. Well, stay away from the slots if;

  1. You are unhappy or feeling unwell
  2. You have a gambling problem – gambling is addictive and can be self-destructive
  3. You are financially strained – gambling is not business
  4. You are new to gambling
  5. You are experiencing problems with your internet connection

This list is in no way conclusive. Some people develop their own indicators with time and you should too. It is not shocking to find that the right time for one person is the worst for another. In short, every gambler must decide what works for them and what to keep away from. For many, the time of day and how much to play for is a matter of personal preference.

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Top 5 Best Gambling Apps

Mobile gambling apps have made it easy for people to earn online and be rich through placing bets and staking high amounts.  Since they were introduced, many apps have been designed making it hard to pick the best gambling apps from the list. These gambling apps available on android and IOS systems are exciting as they are updated timely and you can follow an event and place your bet at your convenience. We review some of the gambling apps that have high stakes and offers for gamers in their regions

Ranked highly on both android and IOS play stores, with great user testimonies, these are the top 5 best gambling apps legalized by states to operate in those regions. They are compatible with mobile phones operating systems, have generous bonuses and offer quick pay outs to slot gamers and sports enthusiasts that can push their luck further if they take the worthy risks. You can check out Popular Spin and Win Websites this year.

1.      Spin Casino

Offering fun, entertainment, and interesting slot games, the Spin Casino Slots App released in August 2019 is the latest addition to gambling apps. The app offers Book of Oz, Mega Moolah and other most sorted after slot games, video pokers, roulette table game varieties and live casino games with huge jackpots that increase your possibilities of winning.  It has an interactive interface with excellent audio and high definition graphics that engage you the whole time you are playing on it.

This gambling app is secure, keeps the gamers gambling info private and accepts deposits and does pay outs on different platforms like bank transfers, prepaid cards, mobile web wallets, credit and debit cards. The best-selling point about Spin Casino Slots app is that the games are available to play for 24housrs a day, with a live chat where gamers can have their problems sorted as they play. See how to play spin and win, a step by step guide. Slots are widely used here are Top 10 Free Slot Games for iPad

2.      Betway

Coming in a simple minimalistic design with easy navigation, the Bet way app offers the best sports and casino betting deals in thousands of betting markets. This gambling app loads fast and gives odds guaranteed to give a lucky gamer high returns on their stake. Aside from live sports betting and virtual bets, Betway also offers in app games where a gamer can win cash they can stake on other games at the time of their choice. This is one of the best gambling apps as it offers the users insane bonus prizes, including a welcome bonus, which can boost their earnings the next time they play and allows one to stream live games at the palm of their hand. Get some motivation to play Casinos with the 15 Inspirational Quotes for casino players.

3.      Jackpot City

Compatible with every phone, Jackpot city delivers to slot lovers an array of marvelous casino games that are updated every other time for smooth playing. This functional gambling app uses the safest Microgaming software and runs a lot of promotions with regular winnings of prizes that can be accumulated for the next bet and/or other prizes like devices and holidays.

The graphics on this app are high definition, with animations that keep the games intriguing on any type of phone. Once downloaded, read the terms and conditions and be sure to claim your first deposit welcome bonus. Jackpot City has a loyalty reward system which allows for repeat gamers to cash in their total points, and withdraw the money. Jackpot city has a VIP centered program that offers the members free spins, customized exclusive bonuses and benefits like a full day host to help.

4.      Bet365

Bet365 is a user-friendly gambling app that provides convenient and reliable games to the users across different betting markets. This small app has the highest number of users and allows you to stake your bet as a game is going on. The app has different language options thus are open to use by many people in different countries, and provides a list of incredible odds that a gamer can choose from.

You can do casino betting, sports live betting on the app and be assured of bonuses on each win. Bet365 makes it on the list of top 5 best gambling apps as it also features live notifications and alerts for you to check the progress of other games on the app.

5.      BetVictor

This app has a sleek design and colours that are easy on the eye and easily legible. It uses a combination of several software for the more than 800 casino games offered and other sports games options. You can cash out your money, withdraw and make wagers via MasterCard, Bitcoin, Visa and other easy to use banking options that work best for you.

It arguably offers the best football odds on the list of gambling apps, and free bets offers and bonuses to gamers who use the platform. They offer a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on the app and live chat option for you to understand how to use BetVictor better. And, the name is already a winner. You must feel victorious if you use BetVictor!

How Gambling Apps work

Gambling apps make sports betting, casino betting and other card games easier and fast. They are made specifically to be used on phones. How do you get the best gambling app on your phone?

  1. Log into your android or apple play store
  2. Type the name of the gambling app you want on the search bar
  3. Download the app and install it on your phone
  4. Sign up, log in, make a deposit and begin your gambling journey

Download one of these top 5 best gambling apps, stake your claim and earn some good money depending on the type of betting you do. With these apps you can try the Online Casinos which are highly paying are always ready at any time. Practice responsible gambling to prevent getting into financial problems and addictions. .

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Top 10 Largest Casinos in the World


Have you ever asked yourself what the biggest casino in the world is? When speaking of the biggest casinos in the world, the giants, big-guns, and behemoths are what is being talked about. These are sprawling entertainment complexes that can easily shadow a small town.

As you will notice, a more significant percentage of these impressive casinos are found in Macao, China. Make sure you visit one of the casinos and explore what they have to offer. From the US to Australia, here is a list of the top ten biggest casinos in the world.

WinStar World Casino, US

Orchestrating almost 600,000 square feet, the Winstar casino is the biggest in the world. Found in Thacker Ville, Oklahoma, this lush casino holds a hotel and a tribal casino near the state line of Oklahoma-Texas. It attracts residents and visitors from both states.

The casino was initiated in 2004 as WinStar casino but was later upgraded in 2009 and renamed WinStar World Casino. This resort consists of the biggest casino in the world, the leading entertainment joint, and a luxurious hotel.

Larry E. Seitz completed the exterior design of this casino. Some other notable projects by Larry include Costa Rica Casino, Trump Taj Mahal, and Grand Princess. The casino is not only the biggest in the world, but it is also the most exquisite gambling arena. Looking for a place to gamble in the US ,here is a guide of the best places to Gamble in the US

Venetian Macau, China

Venetian Macau is among the top largest casinos in the world, coming in second on the list. Officially opened in 2007, this casino has quite an impressive and luxurious design. It occupies 550,000 square feet with 6,000 slot machines and almost 870 tables. This was the biggest casino in the world until WinStar expanded to hold the topmost position.

The mammoth is also strategically placed opposite the City of Dreams, giving visitors the chance to experience a vibrant and exciting gambling destination. Venetian hotel orchestrates bright lights on the exterior that reflect light in the water below. The stunning complex has 39 stories and a luxe casino on the inside.

Almost half of this facility is set aside for gambling with over 6,000 slot machines and close to 800 gaming tables. There are also four themed gaming arenas.

City of Dreams, Macao, China

It is the third-largest casino with an area of 420,000 square feet. At the City of Dreams, prepare to have a wild experience as there are 450 gaming tables, four hotels, 1515 slot machines, and more than 20 bars and restaurants.

Visitors can enjoy various attractions at the City of Dreams, such as a bubbling fountain, a thrilling video aquarium, and a dancing water theatre. The resorts also have lush retails space that holds several designer and branded shops. Apart from the elegance and sheer beauty, this casino is also hipster and modern, attracting many young visitors. Gambling activities started earlier in different countries, some Earliest Forms of Gambling in Ancient Civilizations can be seen in countries like China.

Foxwood Resort Casino, USA

The resort contains six casinos. Covering an area of 340,000 square feet, this casino makes it number four on the list. Guests are sure to be spoilt of choice upon getting here as there are more than 250 tables, including the renowned craps and blackjack.

Foxwood also holds over 3,400 slot machines. Visitors will also enjoy high-end boutiques and an impressive shopping center. Other fascinating things found here are a spa, golf, and sports such as zip-lining and bowling.

Casino Ponte 16, Macao China

It is the fifth-biggest casino in the world with impressive aesthetics. Covering a total of 270,000 square feet, the casino houses 109 gaming tables, 307 slot machines, and 2 VIP halls. Gamblers can find their preferred games here, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc.

The other thrilling fact about this casino is that it is located on a UNESCO Heritage site. Visit the luxurious resort and enjoy the exquisite rooms as you watch Macao’s skyline.

Rio Casino Resort, South Africa

Enjoy 266, 330 square feet of pure entertainment and sheer fun at this casino. With over 270 gaming machines and over 12 tables, visitors can enjoy 24-hour slots as they also engage in regular poker tournaments. Among other attractions include two restaurants, a bar, and a creche.

Sands Macao, China

It is no surprise that the seventh biggest casino in the world is located in Macao. The Chinese city is home to several high-end casinos. The casino was constructed in 2004, and it sprawls across an area of 229,000 square feet. With more than 1,000 slot machines and over 1,000 tables, the casino offers visitors a thrilling experience with luxurious hotels on the premise. It is a profitable casino that was able to pay for its construction cost in just one year. Here are 7 most popular casino games in Asia.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas USA

This iconic entertainment complex was inaugurated in 1993 and is found on the Strip. With over 171,500 square feet dedicated to gaming, this lush casino has about 3,000 slot machines, a poker room, 200 table games, an exhibition space, and an ample convention. There is also a private lounge for the high-rollers.

Other exciting attractions at this magical facility include VIP villas, pool complex, three hotels, two theatres, a spa, arena, 25 shops, and a flashy nightclub. In as much as some casinos are very big some have been built in extremely weird places.

Crown Casino, Australia

Among the largest casinos in the world is the Crown Casino, which comes in at number nine. The casino has almost 220,000 square feet and offers tables, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, and more than 3,000 slot machines.

This casino also houses the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific tournament. It is where the best poker gambler comes to sharpen and showcase their skills. The casino has other exciting things such as nightclubs, a bowling alley, and a laser tag game. Several luxurious brand stores can be discovered here for visitors to shop.

Check-in at the five exquisite restaurants and enjoy a wide range of dishes from almost anywhere in the world. There is also the famous 5-star Crown Towers that is fancied by celebrity guests. If this feels like it is a long shot you can try your luck by playing online games like spin to win real cash.

Wynn, Macao China

The flamboyant resort was opened in 2006, orchestrating an area of 205,000 square feet. Understand that Wynn Macao remains the only resort in the world to receive eight prestigious Five-Stars Awards from Forbes Travel Guide. The casino offers players 495 tables, including games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and other games.

Wynn Macau also offers 1015 slot machines and 11 poker tables. Guests can also have a refreshing time at the 3 lounges and 8 luxurious restaurants found at this magnificent place. Exclusive amenities such as a heated swimming pool, a salon and a spa can be found at this cozy complex.


If you have ever wondered what the largest casinos are in the world, then your quest is answered. The guide has the top ten biggest casinos on the planet and some of the high-end amenities they offer to their guests. Take a look at the Most attractive Gambling Destinations in the world.

Casinos and Gambling.

The Earliest Forms of Gambling in Ancient Civilizations.

Gambling has been a sporting activity for many years. It didn’t just start the other day. Historical findings prove that ancient civilisations took part in regulated forms of gambling. Ancient civilisations believed to be the mother of gambling activities include; Greece, China, Rome, and Egypt. Technology in modern civilizations helped popularise betting. Learn more about these early forms explained here.

Gambling in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian civilization is associated with genius and excellent Agricultural activities, engineering, medicine, mummies, etc. They were a sophisticated lot that also invented the concept of gambling.

Archaeologists have dug up countless gambling artifacts proving they engaged in these activities. Examples include a dice made of elephant tusks, and a game similar to checkers.

Some of their games were basic, with players competing by throwing pebbles and sticks onto the ground. Winning depended on how these objects landed on the ground and there were only two options; odd or even. The game evolved and became more complicated as more and more concepts were added to it. The patterns, outcomes, and types of objects used changed.

Another ancient game is HUBEM-how, which was about throwing discs in order into a bowl. This game is still being played in some modern societies.

Other than cards, dice and board games were also popular. Examples of those games were; ‘senet’ and ‘backgammon.’

Despite the popularity of these games, gambling was banned in ancient Egypt. A papyri (old text) that was discovered and believed to date back 4000BC outlined laws prohibiting gambling. Culprits were compelled to provide free forced labor. Such kind of punishment is an indicator of how gambling was a big problem in those societies.

Over time, gambling in Egypt evolved, and they gradually embraced card games that originated from China and Europe. They also adopted lotteries that were synonymous with Europeans and Romans in the fifteenth century.

Many game developers currently integrate Egyptian themes in their games because it is a place rich in culture and history. It’s not uncommon to find slots with Cleopatra’s themes or a background setting that includes pyramids or the Great Nile.

Gambling in Ancient Greece

Gambling was considered an illegal activity in Greece. Those found engaging in the event were punished. However, it still rose to become one of the best forms of entertainment.

Two Greek Gods Hermes, Pan, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, were associated with gambling.

The earliest form of gambling games in ancient Greece was known as heads & tails and checkers. Before the invention of the coin, they played heads & tails using shells. Checkers was a game that had 12 lines, and they referred to it as tilia. Greek artifacts from way back depict scenes similar to what we have nowadays at casinos.

Apparently, they also played dice games comprising three clay cubes before the Romans changed the game only to have two dice.

Gambling in Ancient China

It’s a widespread belief that the earliest forms date back about 3000BC in Asia where players participated in a dice game. The first people to make paper were the Chinese, and they also came up with the concept of money. After this, they learned how to play with money hence introduced shuffling cards.

One game that is still popular today can be traced back to China is Keno: a game of chance where players pick numbers between 1 and 80. These numbers are written on cards in squares. For you to win, you must match some numbers with those that are drawn.

The game’s original name was “white pigeon ticket,” and it is believed the Chinese invented it more than two thousand years ago. Later on, they introduced cards printed with pictures of people. The Europeans adopted this design but changed the front part by adding images of kings and queens.

You may be familiar with this design since it is the most common in modern decks. Card games are popular worldwide with games like Blackjack and Poker being many players’ favourite. The advancement in technology in the betting industry now makes it possible to play these card games online. China is one of the most attractive gambling destination around the globe

Gambling in Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans also had different ways and reasons for gambling. This culture spread so much during the reign of Emperor Augustus. Though gambling was prohibited, the Romans held the ‘Saturnalia’ festival annually to feast and played games throughout an entire week. During such celebrations, they would play dice by using nuts and coins.

Native Americans

A most recent discovery in a cave in Utah provides evidence that Native Americans also gambled. The cave is believed a casino built in the 13th century. Thousands of artefacts recovered from the cave proved no doubt that this was a betting arena. Many curved sticks may have served as cane dice were found inside the cave. This is also a support to why Las Vegas which is located in America is a great place for the Best games such as poker Tournaments.

Ancient gambling Emperors

Some ancient emperors loved betting and sporting activities, with some getting addicted to it. Examples;

  • Emperor Augustus
  • Emperor Commodus
  • Emperor Nero

There is no doubt that ancient forms majorly influenced modern forms of gambling. Games like dice, checkers, keno, etc. can be traced back thousands of years ago. Technology helped advance some of the features in these games. It seems the excitement and entertainment that comes with gambling makes it a popular sporting activity that can transcend for years and years.

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Casinos Built in extremely weird places

For many years, gambling has become one of the significant means of entertainment and investment for many. As a gambling enthusiast, do you know there are casinos built-in extremely weird places?

Let’s take a look:

The Illinois Casino built on a Puddle

First off the gates, for those who don’t know what a puddle is, it is an accumulation of fluid- mostly water on a surface. As you can imagine, a puddle is water that forms a depression on the surface. To be called a puddle, the water surface should be shallow enough for people to walk through, but surprisingly, the Illinois Casino is built at a place like this. Here’s how it all started and why this casino was built on a puddle:

Because most fields struggle to fit in the world of creativity and innovation, the Illinois casino owner didn’t want to be left out. The most intriguing thing about this casino is that where it is located- Des plaines, the state’s laws demand that only river casinos are legalized and licensed.

When the owner saw that he didn’t have a place to build his casino, he thought of creativity and playing the law officials as well, and that’s when the Illinois casino was born. Making his casino on a water surface, the owner was able to come up with a land-based or river-like casino, which helped him abide by the law at the same time. See some of the Best Online Casinos with Excellent User Experience

Australia’s’ Desert cave hotel Casino

If you speak about a remote casino, think of the most isolated casino in the world, and you’ll be right to think about the Desert Cave hotel-casino in Australia. The weirdest and intriguing thing about this casino is that poker players play with only sixteen poker machines installed underneath a desert!

The famous casino Di Venezia in Italy

Before diving deep into this famous Italian casino, here’s something you should know about Italy when it comes to casinos. For die-hard casino players and enthusiasts, it is common knowledge that Italy is one of the countries around the globe that is known as the birthplace of civilianization in casinos and a home of the world’s oldest casino in history.

As if that isn’t enough, Italy’s city of Venice casinos records their birth from the late 1630’s. Well, if you ever go to Italy or you’re a resident there, there is one famous casino specifically, the Di Venezia that has risen eye-brows about its locality.

 Here’s what you didn’t know: This casino is built in one of the oldest places in the world but still offers the most exceptional casino entertainment and has remained famous since 16430, beating others that were opened during civilization days and ended up getting closed!

The Amsterdam Holland airport Casino

Well, most people think an airport is just another busy place where people gather traveling and nothing else. This was true until somebody decided to install a casino in one of the busiest airports globally- The Holland Amsterdam Airport. 

The casino here was built for one weird reason most people didn’t think it was worth it until the casino came to place: To help casino enthusiasts relax in the event of a delayed or canceled flight. As simple as that sounds, Holland Amsterdam casino made it into the list of casinos extremely built in weird places by famous writings, and you wouldn’t want to miss it in this list too, would you?

The Malaysian Mountain Built Casino- Resorts World Genting Pahang Casino

For most people, mountains are for mountain climbers and lovers of skiing. This was true until one of the famous casino enthusiasts decided to bring the casino experience to another level.

Being one of the world’s casino famous brands, Resorts Worlds by Genting has millions of online casino players worldwide. The Pahang Casino is magnificently nestled on the beautiful mountains of Pahang in Malaysia. 

Players who have visited it describe the casino as one of the few places around the world where one not only enjoys casino games but a mixture of mountainous experience that, when mixed with your casino enthusiasm,  playing casinos wouldn’t have been sweeter before than this.

The Nevada X-train Casino in Las Vegas-Us

Okay, when it comes to casinos built in extremely weird places, this one took it to another level few people could even imagine. This is because the X-train casino in Las Vegas is built in a Train. What’s intriguing about this casino is its place and the amount of money invested in building it.Despite the weird place the casino is built in,here are 5 Best Tournaments to play in Vegas

The Virtual reality Casino

This is built in a peculiar place because once you start playing; you will enjoy the thrill of playing real-money games without moving from your home.

The casino is built with great innovation, which enables its participants to visit different places without having to go out of their houses. The idea here is simple:  the casino helps you play games at home and visits your favorite places inside the games at no cost.

The Macau Palace Casino

If you were surprised by the casino that is built on a water puddle, here’s one that is actually built on the sea waters.

Macau casino is famously known as the Pirate boat casino because it is situated in the renowned Fisherman’s Wharf area. Most people didn’t know about this casino until it was featured in one of the famous James Bond movies- the man with the golden gun in 1974.

The Las Vegas Haunted Casino

Alright, this one isn’t for the fearful and faint-hearted.  This casino is situated in an area that is usually connected and visited by the dead.

Yes, you read that right. This might not be true, but it’s what people around that place say. The casino is said to have been haunted by invisible creatures not to forget mysterious things that have happed inside. Here’s one incident most players recall:

Many gamblers report of having seen ghosts, spirits, and cards moving by themselves around or players possessed by a spirit that causes a lack of sleep, thus making them play casinos throughout nights.

Here is a list of the 10 Largest Casinos in the world.