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8 Attractive Gambling Destinations around the Globe

Gambling has currently become one of the essential sources of entertainment and investment for many. Suppose you’re either a gambling expert or beginner. In that case, you’ll agree that playing at an attractive gambling destination isn’t just for your gambling enjoyment but also for enjoying full-life at large.

Well, here are the eight attractive gambling destinations around the globe you’ll want to know and go if you can afford:

Las Vegas –Nevada

In simple put and without doubt, Las Vegas is a no-brainer for gamblers. As we all know, Vegas is one of the world’s most famous and liked gambling hotspot that is known to own over seventy casinos.

If you’re a gambler in Las Vegas, visit one of the famous gambling places leading as the hotspot among the many casinos around- The Strip club.

When gambling in Vegas, you don’t need to worry about how much amount you’re looking to win. The rule is simple here: Place as much as money as you want to gamble with and you’ll get opponents looking to place larger bets than yours.

If you’re genuinely experienced and want to walk always with a colossal gambling amount, start with Vegas as one of your attractive gambling destinations, and you won’t regret it. In case you are visiting Vegas ,here are 10 worst hotels you might want to avoid.

Macau, China

Another place you’ll want to try your gambling experience is Macau in China. To most experienced gamblers, you already know that Macau is almost taking the title of the attractive gambling destination around the globe from Las Vegas- even it not right now; with time, this is going to be true.

Macau is the only place in China where permits are given to gambling dealers and casinos, and since Chinese love to gamble, businesses in the gambling world are booming around this cty.

Still, Macau is one of the attractive gambling destinations with the largest casino floor around the globe- the famous Venetian Casino, which consists of 376,000 square feet of gambling areas and over six thousand gambling tables and many slot machines for anyone willing to dive into gambling. The Seven most popular games in Asia.

New Jersey

When you speak about attractive gambling destinations around the world, New Jersey is sure not going to be a surprised to hear. Known as the world’s garden state of gambling, New Jersey has been hosting experienced gamblers for decades, which is why you’d want to taste the feel of playing at such a place.

In 2015, New Jersey’s Atlantic City got named the best gambling destination around the globe.  During this time, Atlantic City had beaten big cities such as Monte Carlo and Vegas to walk away with the title. This should precisely tell you why New Jersey is a gambling destination you’d want to g

Even better, New Jersey’s resort city located on the Atlantic City coast boast of having the best and many casinos offering plenty of games to its players.

Again, New Jersey is one of the attractive gambling destinations that have a considerable record of states with legalized gambling. While gambling here, be ready to enjoy both online and casino –based games that are authorized.

Reno, Nevada

Reno makes Las Vegas appear twice in this list apart from mentioning Nevada earlier. Located in Nevada’s northern side, Reno has recorded its record of being one of the most attractive and successful gambling destinations the world has seen.

Reno boasts of having world’s classic casinos such as the Eldorado and Peppermill, which are worth enjoying your gambling experience. Reno also has many gambling events to choose from; you can enjoy games like Blackjack and other excellent games like the state-of-the-art screen games.

London, England

If you go or live in England, you’re going to be told London is a gambler’s paradise to many players and gambling fans. London offers gamblers a chance to bet on famous games such as the NFL and NBA games that are filled in a sportbook; everyone can select their favorite.

The city is also known to have hosted many stars like actors and singers who played and enjoyed casinos around. Once you play at such places, be ready to feel motivated and continue horning your gambling skills, which is what most people need to master their gambling art.


Even though Singapore is new to the world of casinos, you’ll enjoy gambling here for several reasons. Gamblers in Singapore enjoy luxurious casino resorts that are named among the best gambling sites around the world, such as Marina Bay sands, and still, there are over hundreds of table casinos around for you.

If you enjoy table casinos, you won’t like to miss playing and enjoying your gambling experience in Singapore.


Well, if you’d like to gamble at a place with all the best casinos and enjoyments like sandy beaches and aqua waters, Aruba is going to be your to-go attractive gambling destination.

Aruba is known to have 24/7 casino games you can enjoy throughout.  One of the best casinos known from Aruba is the Crystal Casino and others following its fame like Casablanca and Copacabana.

To most gamblers, an attractive gambling destination should offer excellent games and a mixture of enjoyment; this is precisely what you’ll experience if you choose to play at Aruba casinos.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

When you think of Monte Carlo, gambling images of famous gamblers and stars like James Bond comes to mind. Monaco is not as renowned as Vegas, but if you’re a real expert and lover of gambling places, you’ll notice the good this city can offer when it comes to enjoying your gambling enthusiasm.

Monaco is one of the best places to gamble in Europe and does always have something to offer to any level of gambler. You can enjoy the cent minimum bets if you play at the Bay Casino to the higher–stake games around places such as the Monte-Carlo de casino.